5 Eco-Friendly Custom Product Ideas

In honor of Earth Day, here are 5 products you can find at CollegeWear, Inc. that can are eco-friendly, made with recycled materials, and can help you and your community be more environmentally conscious!

1) Aluminum Water Bottles

Nothing is more classic than a reusable water bottle! Customize a sleek aluminum water bottle with your school colors, your club logo, your name, and more! Our aluminum water bottles have a leak-resistant cap and even come with a hook that can latch onto any bag. Perfect for getting to your class or a night out where you don’t need to spend extra on a single-use  plastic water bottle.

2) Tote Bags

One of the easiest ways to reduce your waste in your life is to use a tote bag! Customize the design to fit your style, so that way you can skip the plastic bags at your next grocery run. We offer a variety of tote bag styles that come in all shapes and sizes, all fit to withstand a bag full groceries, books, and more!

3) Mason Jars

Need to buy more spices or snacks? Trying to meal prep some to-go breakfasts? Or simply want to have a fun item to drink out of for your next get together? Then you’re in the right place, as we offer customizable mason jars! Take these sturdy and reusable items a step further by customizing them however you like, making them both fun to use and great to display!

4) Eco-Friendly Spiral Notebooks

Next time you need to jot something down, take notes in a class, or just sketch while you’re bored, take comfort in knowing you are using recycled materials by buying customizable spiral notebooks! Our spiral notebooks also include sticky notes as well, to help you with your productivity!

5) Customizable Face Masks

Last but certainly not least, protect yourself and the environment with our customizable face masks! No longer will you need to constantly throw out disposable masks and buy more. Now you can continue to protect yourself, others, AND landfills, all while sporting a comfortable and personalized product. Our custom face masks come with an adjustable nose bridge for comfier, more secure fits, made with washable material, and have an anti-dust design.


Shop many sustainable products and more at our new custom products website! Visit our catalog now now: https://custom.collegewearinc.com/products/ 

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