Design, order, and distribute custom products with ease.

If you are a club, organization, or department, you’ve come to the right place! At CollegeWear, Inc., we can help you create your very own personalized online storefront to help you sell and distribute multiple custom products with ease, complete with your own website link. That way, you can conveniently manage your orders and products, while we handle producing the custom product orders that come in.

All you need to do is tell us what custom products you want, how you want them to look like, and how long you want your store to be up, and we can take care of the rest!

How It Works

Step 1

Simply fill out this form with your information, what you plan on selling, and other details. Once you submit your form, a team member will contact you and help you set up an account!

Step 2

Once you receive your account details, browse our catalog of over 100+ items to see which products and designs you want to sell on your storefront!

Step 3

After you have chosen which products to sell, upload or create your custom designs for your products. Make sure to add your estimated quantities for each product you want to put up!

Step 4

Place your order, and we'll do the rest!

Once all your products have a custom design and estimated quantity, all you have to do is checkout and place your order! After that, sit back and relax - we'll start setting up your storefront in the meantime, and send you a link when it's ready.

Step 5

Review your custom storefront

We will notify you when your custom storefront is ready! You will be given access to your storefront before it's made live, to give you time to make any adjustments, send feedback, and do any last minute changes. Once you approve it, we will make your storefront live!

Step 6

Share your customized store!

If you've approved your storefront and we push it live, then all that's left to do is to start sharing your customized store link with your community! Whether you are letting club members order their own apparel, or selling some merchandise for one of your events, you can let everyone know what you can offer them!


You can view a sample storefront here!

Nope! Group order and storefront setup is free of charge!

We’ll send you a link to share once the store is live, then people who have access to the store can place orders when they’re ready!

You can place individual members using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover).

To set up purchase order payment for your group order, please contact a team member.

Custom storefronts open 1-2 business days after you approve your invoice. The storefront remains live for 14 business days. To close your storefront early or request and extension, contact a team member.

Your custom storefront will only be visible to those whom you share the link to, or those who have access to said link (either via posted on social media, a website, emails, etc.). If you would like your custom storefront to have added security, we recommend you request your storefront to be password protected, requiring those with the link to input a password to view the storefront.

Production begins after your custom storefront has closed. All received orders are processed and produced at our shop in approximately  14 business days. Your orders will then be shipped or delivered to the requested addresses.

You can choose from the following methods for shipping/delivery:

  • Individual Shipments (shipping charges may apply)
  • Free Campus Group Delivery (available for local San Diego campuses only)
  • Free Group Shipment

Why Choose Us?

Quality Products Customized Your Way!

We offer dozens of product styles that are all customizable! Embroidery, screen-printing and more!

No Upfront
Costs or Frees

We offer our customized storefronts are available with no upfront costs or fees - so why not start one?

Fully Manage Your Custom Store!

Gain access to your own portal to manage your products and orders for your custom storefront!

Need Help?

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