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Our Story

Founded by in San Diego, CA in 2008, CollegeWear, Inc. actually started out as “ScienceAide,” a company aimed to provide custom lab coats and other tools for pre-dental students.

The founder, Jaysond Miclat, would gradually develop skills with creating custom garments and soon catch the attention of his fellow classmates and friends, who’d ask if they can get custom t-shirts from him for their groups and events.

Eventually, with his brother Jeff, he would help his fellow classmates and begin printing custom t-shirts and embroidered polos for campus events. As the company grew, ScienceAide became CollegeWear, Inc. in 2010, and students and staff would be greeted with a wide range of custom products, including our custom graduation stoles.

Today, the team has grown to over 20 members, dedicated to providing customers a friendly, personal service, and the belief that every custom product represents a journey, experience, group, or community.

How It Works

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Step 1: Explore our catalog

From apparel to accessories, to sweaters and swag, we can guarantee you will find the right product for your next event, your growing team, or your big giveaways.

Our catalog page offers hundreds of different products from a variety of categories. 

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Don’t worry! We are always adding new products based on demand. Feel free to contact us and we can help you get what you want.

Despite our name, CollegeWear, Inc. is a service for everyone! Whether you are in high school, working for a small business, or even just ordering something for the family, all our products are customizable for YOU!

That’s okay! Our team has plenty of experience when it comes to choosing the right products for the right occasion. Contact a team member and we can help you select the right products.

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Step 2: Design and pay

Our robust Custom Design Tool allows anybody – regardless of design experience or knowledge – to put together a custom designed products within minutes!

Play around with our many tools, clip art, text options, and more! The possibilities are limitless! All you need is a laptop, computer, or tablet. No downloads needed!

Have a design you already have in mind? We’ve got you covered too! Simply upload your design in the app, position and scale it to your liking, choose your base colors, and you’re set!


We offer both Screen Print and Embroidery!

Screen print is recommended for larger orders and are a better, low cost option for bulk orders.

Embroidery is recommended if you are ordering products with individual names and/or logos with 5+ colors.

You’re welcome to always come back to work on a design as long as you want! Simply log in or create an account with us and you will be able to save and open designs in the future!

No worries if you can’t come up with a design yourself! We offer multiple resources for design inspiration on our blog, and you can even receive design consultation by contacting a team member!


Step 3: Get your swag!

…And that’s it! Once you pay, all you have left is to wait for your custom swag to be delivered! You’re always welcome to ask us any questions or receive updates from us as you wait.

And once you do receive your swag, all that’s left is for you to enjoy your product! Be sure to tag us on social media at @CollegeWearIncleave a review telling us what you think on Google, Facebook, or TrustPilot!


Why Choose Us?

Over 100+ Products... And Counting!

Our catalog is always growing! We offer dozens of product types, all with categories of their own!

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The Custom Design App is easy to use and requires no design experience whatsoever!

From Coast to Coast, We Will Help!

We are trusted by over dozens of colleges, universities, and organizations from all over the US!

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