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SFSU Graduation Stoles

SFSU Class of '23
Gold/Purple Shield Stole


Product# 59243

SFSU Class of '23
Purple/Gold Shield Stole


Product# 59240

SFSU Class of '23
Gold/Purple Shield Stole


Product# 59360

Design Your Own

Design A Stole

Use our Design Tool to personalize a graduation stole. Enter your school name in the search bar to get started!

Design Instructions

Our Design Tool features campus-approved, customizable templates with limited areas for personalization. 

Please note, the only allowed fonts for SFSU Stoles are Garamond, Helvetica, and College. All orders will default to Garamond font if no selection is made. 

How It Works: 4 Easy Steps

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Step 1: Place Your Order

Select one or more Storefront designs or use our Design Tool to personalize your stole. 

Asset 10-100

Step 2: Production

Check your email for an order confirmation and review your order status in your Customer Portal.


Step 3: Order Ships

Standard orders ship within 4-5 weeks & include free shipping in the U.S!


Step 4: Celebrate

Look picture-perfect on your graduation day wearing your CollegeWear, Inc. Custom Stole!

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