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*Bulk and Group Orders Only (25 pcs +). For all other orders visit the Stole Design App.
Interested in purchasing and stole but need help with your design or a quote for pricing? Please fill out the form below describing in detail what you would like your Custom Graduation Stole to look like, and a team member will work on a proof with a mockup showing you how it looks, and your projected cost. Once you are satisfied with your proof, you are able to move forward with your order and we can help you from there!

IMPORTANT: Design requests are handled in the order received. Please allow 2-3* business days to receive a response from our team. Additionally, please allow 2-3* business days for any revision requests. For expedited requests and orders we recommend you use our stole design app. For quick, classic designs check out the template section of the stole design app. 

*Response times may vary during the busy season (March – June).

Need help knowing which is what? Check our Stole Catalog to see our various customization options currently available. Our Stole Catalog allows you to view the following:

  • Stole Diagram (Left Side, Right Side, Neck, Dimensions)
  • Stole Types
  • Flag Stoles
  • Stole Colors
  • Available Logos
  • Text Colors & Fonts
  • Flag Patches
  • Hybrid Tips
  • Greek Crests
Stole Catalog Last Updated: 1/31/2022
What’s new: Myanmar and United States Flag Stoles added
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